Is your relationship in question?


Constantly changing relationships between family members including wives, husbands, children and domestic partners can give rise to legal matters when the relations are in question.


           Protect your interests


Family law matters such as a divorce, child support or child custody can be a very challenging time in anyone's life.  We are dedicated to providing you with the aggressive legal representation you need to find the solution you seek in your case.


We can give you consistent access to your attorney who will compassionately guide you through the difficult processes as easily as possible.  


Don't let a mistake put your future in jeopardy


Have you been charged with a criminal offense or with Driving Under the Influence? Both citizens and cops are vulnerable to making mistakes. In these situations, you can come to us for the right kind of support.


             Protect your legal rights


We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible defense against the charges you face.  In our modern society, it is more important than ever to minimize the effects an alleged criminal offense can have on your life.


We are here to protect your legal rights and fight for your future against charges such as a crime or Driving Under the Influence.  Don't let a criminal charge change your life forever.


     Driving is a privilege and not a right


The loss of your driving privileges can greatly limit your quality of life.  It would be difficult to get back and forth from work and to run the daily errands you always seem to have.


               Get back on the road


We can assist you in getting back on the road and back to work as quickly as possible. Don't let a mistake change your life and your ability to work and get from place to place.

To you, a driver's license may be a necessity for your everyday life.


We have a clear understanding of the processes involved in getting your license reinstated. We will discuss your options with you to get your driving privileges back again.



              Let us fight for you


Civil litigation encompasses a broad range of disputes and we understand what it takes to help you in your time of need. Below are some common areas where we can help you.

  • Environmental law

  • Landlord/tenant disputes 

  • Product liability lawsuits 

  • Intellectual property disputes

  • Construction liability lawsuits 

  • Medical malpractice claims

  • Employment and labor disputes

  • Real estate lawsuits 

  • Anti-trust litigation 

  • Workers' compensation claims 

  • Education law disputes

        Don't let an injury get you down


Do you have a personal injury claim? Regardless of its basis, whether intentional, negligence, or strict liability, and, if so, what is the nature and extent of your damages? You may be entitled to compensation for your loss. You have been through enough, let us make sure you are taken care of in your time of need.