Aaron has been involved in the practice of law for almost 20 years, entering Southern Illinois University School of Law in 1997, as a graduate of Knox College where he received his bachelor of arts in History, concentrating in Modern European and Japanese studies. While at Knox, aside from earning his degree Aaron participated in student government, student athletics, and theater. He graduated from the School of Law in 2000 and has been licensed in the state of Illinois since 2001. For nearly 6 years Aaron worked at the Franklin County States Attorneys in Benton Illinois, where he participated and acted as lead counsel in a diverse range of prosecutions, including drug prosecutions, violent crimes, and murder cases.



Aaron has built his law office from the ground up since 2006. The Office’s mandate was to create a laid-back communal atmosphere whereby individuals could come without pressure or intimidation to discuss any and all legal issues they may have. Although the Office, by nature of the disputes that have come through the door, deals primarily with criminal defense, and family law issues, the Office has experience in handling a diverse range of all legal issues including personal injury, and all types of civil litigation.



Aaron is a native of Southern Illinois, being born in West Frankfort where he currently operates his law practice. He and his wife Amanda have two children, Julian and Everly. Their family is active in the community through a multitude of local organizations and arts programs. Aaron is also a baseball coach, passionate Star Wars and Science Fiction Memorabilia Collector, occasional lead singer and stage actor, avid bodybuilding and power lifting enthusiast, and freelance Facebook Gonzo Journalist.



Through his practice and through his life Aaron has seen firsthand the danger of failing to protect the rights of the individual, both in criminal, civil and family law situations. He has dedicated his life and his practice to helping all individuals in need to overcome the adversities that life has created for them, including the unfortunate aspects of divorce, or being accused of a criminal offense. He understands the difficulties that life brings when faced with difficult decisions that may influence the future of your family, profession and life in general.  Aaron has developed an understanding that is vital to the representation of any client with disputes or concerns affecting their loved ones or the lives of their children.